How to convert Polygon Matic into Polygon ETH (WETH) for free

Just recently I wanted to convert my Matic (Polygon) which I had in the Exodus wallet into Matic (ETH).

First I tried to find out how many fees it would cost to swap it right in the Exodus wallet and it was way too expensive.

Then I tried to use the official Polygon Bridge on and it would have been even more expensive.

After doing some research I found a solution to swap Matic from Polygon to ETH at almost no cost.

In fact Coinbase is able to send and receive Matic on the Polygon network and on the Ethereum network. This means you just can receive your Matic on the Polygon network and send it afterwards on the Ethereum network or vice versa – without any swap or conversion.

And the best part: This procedure does not cost you any fees!

You will only pay the regular fees for sending Matic to another wallet, but they are also relatively cheap.

To recapitulate it: I’ve send Matic (Polygon) from my Exodus wallet to my Coinbase account.
Afterwards I’ve send it to a Metamask wallet and did chose the Ethereum network.

That’s it!

(This is no investment advice!)

How to convert Polygon Matic into Polygon ETH (WETH) for free

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