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DISCLAIMER: This is of course no financial advice. You have to decide on your own how to spend your money!

I was recently thinking about buying BTC cryptocurrency mining equipment. I’ve researched about what you need to do it at home, but found it pretty unpractical. We actually do have enough space but those rigs are also pretty loud and draw a lot of electricity.

In the end I thought that there might be something like a cloud mining service, so that I don’t have to turn our house into a buzzing and humming warehouse… After doing some research I found what I expected, that there are many scammers just trying to get your money by offering a service that isn’t real. Then they will cease operation after a few months of harvesting new customers.

But there also some real companies. One of them is Bitdeer.com which is established and working since several years. They also have mining facilities in the USA.


BITCOIN Mining Made Easy

The process of buying and setting up a miner is pretty easy and fast. You get a detailed statistic how much you are earing every single day, what the fees for electricity are, and so on. My first miner was up and running after a few hours, even though they state that it will take 24 hours.

When it goes on like it started, my miner will be paid of in a few months and then I’m really starting to earn some decent money.

Please use this link if you would like to start your mining career: BitDeer.com

BITDEER also sells mining equipment for life

It’s also possible to buy mining equipment from BitDeer.com that you personally own while they setup your miner in a warehouse in Tennessee, USA. Using this plan BitDeer.com takes care of all repairs (charged separately) and of the facility (AC, electricity, etc.) itself, but the miner is yours and will run as long as it is in good shape and repairable.

Just go to BitDeer.com and click on “CLOUD HOSTING”.

The following BitDeer Review article gives you more details about Bitdeer.com – The reviewer is mentioning that when they did the test the miners were not profitable, but this has changed completely. Look at the rates in the screenshot above and you can easily calculate that you should be able to earn some decent money with the offered services!

Read more here: BitDeer Review: Legit, profitable, but not for everyone

DISCLAIMER: This is of course no financial advice. You have to decide on your own how to spend your money!

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