PRESEARCH Nodes Experience after one month

After setting up several PRESEARCH Nodes last month, I would like to share my experience so far. All nodes and servers are running smoothly without any problems. As mentioned in my article “How to set up a PRESEARCH node in 5 minutes” I did use two different VPS (virtual private server) providers. Both of them do deliver reliable results but there are a few things I would like to mention here. Please have a look at the following screenshot

PRESEARCH Nodes Experience
PRESEARCH Nodes Experience

The first two servers in New Jersey are from (512 MB RAM – 1 vCore – 15 GB RAID-10 SSD Cached – 500 GB @ 1Gbps – 1 Free IP -$22.99 /year).

Server 3 (Los Angeles), Server 4 (Dallas) and Server 5 (Atlanta) are from Dedipath (512 MB RAM – 1 Core – 10 GB SSD – 1 TB @ 1 Gbps).

Server 6 (Dallas 1GB RAM) is a more expensive server (from Dedipath) with 1GB RAM instead of 512 MB, but it doesn’t make any difference, which means that it doesn’t make sense to spend more money than what is needed.

Server 7 (New Jersey 3) is again from (512 MB RAM – 1 vCore – 15 GB RAID-10 SSD Cached – 500 GB @ 1Gbps – 1 Free IP -$22.99 /year).

The following table shows the return per PRESEARCH node per hour and per year – in PRESEARCH, also the total earnings in USD/year at the current PRE price of $0.188123. This can obviously change… In case the PRE token would go up or down significantly the whole calculation would look differently.

It’s kind of strange that the return in Atlanta is much lower than e.g. in New Jersey. There is also some kind of fluctuation at the same locations, as you can see with the three servers in New Jersey (NJ1, NJ2 and NJ3).

PRESEARCH Nodes Experience
PRESEARCH Nodes Experience

The total estimated return per year is between 20% to 30% if the token prize does not rise at all –  which equals a return between $110 to $120 per node (except for the outlier Atlanta).

It’s important to notice that the server cost of $20 is returned after only about two months (at the current token price), and you can sell all your tokens at any moment, which means that the risk is relatively low.

If you would like to setup a PRESEARCH NODE please use this link to get 25 PRE tokens for free.

(This is no investment advice. Do your own research! Passive income with crypto nodes)


70 / 100

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