Apple’s iPhone $29 battery replacement scam

I went to an Apple Service Center appointment today and did ask for the $29 battery replacement.

My iPhone 7 runs barely half a day and so I’m always carrying additional external batteries with me.

Surprisingly the only thing I do is posting 1-2 Instagram photos a day – and sometimes I google some stuff and read the news. That’s pretty much it but my iPhone 7 does not last more than 6 hours.

So did I get a battery replacement for $29?

NO, the friendly service center guy told me that the Apple diagnosis tool is showing an absolutely fine battery. I told him my story but he still declined to switch the battery for $29.

I’m pretty ****** now because I have a phone that was working well in the first year. Now it’s not working well anymore but I have to accept that Apple is slowing older models down and I have to carry external batteries with me.

For a long time Apple was the only company getting it right in my opinion but that changed in the last months – not only – but also because of stories like this.


I’ve posted this in the Apple support community but it got removed by Apple. Although I immediately got some responses how other users are having also bad batteries.


The following was Apple’s response:

Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for participating in the Apple Support Communities.

We’ve removed your post iPhone battery replacement scam because it contained either feedback or a feature request that was not constructive.

To read our terms and conditions for using the Communities site, see this page: Apple Support Communities – Terms of Use

We hope you’ll keep using our Support Communities. You can find more information about participating here: Apple Support Communities – Tutorials

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We’ve included a copy of your original post below.

Apple Support Communities Staff


What do you think about all this?

One thought on “Apple’s iPhone $29 battery replacement scam

  • I agree. I went on to get my screen replaced on my iPhone 6s. When the brought back my phone they told me they did a diagnostic which showed the battery needed to be replaced and “lucky me” it was still under warranty so no charge. Now I have the exact same problem you described and I used to use my phone a lot more before they replaced the perfectly fine battery. I’m so fed up with Apples high prices and sub standard quality. I won’t be buying Apple again. I’m done.

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