Temptation Island Season 2 – all Instagram and Twitter accounts

Many have watched the series Temptation Island Season 2 and were intrigued by the back and forth.

Now you would like to follow up what’s going on in the lives of the protagonists…

Here you go:

Temptation Island Season 2 – all Instagram and Twitter accounts


Ashley Howland (Casey’s girlfriend) – InstagramTwitter

Casey Starchak (Ashley’s boyfriend) – InstagramTwitter

Ben Knobloch (Ashley’s lover) – InstagramTwitter

Payton Burgess (The girl interested in Casey) – InstagramTwitter


Kate Griffith (David’s girlfriend) – InstagramTwitter

David Benavidez (Kate’s boyfriend) – InstagramTwitter

Toneata Morgan (David’s lover) – InstagramTwitter

Samantha Hoffman (David’s one or two night stand) – InstagramTwitter

Payton Burgess (Samantha, David and Payton threesome) – InstagramTwitter


Ashley Goldson (Rick’s girlfriend) – InstagramTwitter

Rick Fleur (Ashley’s boyfriend) – InstagramTwitter

Medinah Ali (Rick’s new girlfriend) – InstagramTwitter

Kalaan Brown (Ashley’s lover) – InstagramTwitter


Esonica Veira (Gavin’s girlfriend) – Instagram

Gavin Rocker (Esonica’s boyfriend) – InstagramTwitter

Kareem Thomas (Esonica’s lover) – InstagramTwitter


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