New York City Top 20 Tourist Attractions Tips

New York City is one of the most famous metropolitan areas all over the world. It is dubbed as a global power city where you can witness a great crowd and lively destinations. It is also an important center intended for international diplomacy and is characterized as the world’s cultural capital.

In visiting New York, here are some of the top tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss:

• Times Square

Times Square is dubbed as New York’s “Crossroads of the World” and “The Center of the Universe”. As reported, this particular tourist spot in New York has been hosting millions of visitors over the years. Times Square houses one of the busiest pedestrian intersections in the world. It is a place where you can find lots of popular advertisements including neon, electronic, illuminated signs and zipper news crawls that catches all viewers’ attention. Get the first glimpse of this lively city by visiting Times Square. Google maps location:

• Central Park

There are several great parks in New York City, but the greatest one is: Central park, a wonderful escape for visitors that want to relax after the busy Times Square. It is expected to have more visitors this year as it is adjacent to other popular tourist destination in NY. Visitors can enjoy the place by having a picnic, riding a horse carriage or taking a boat ride in Central Park. Google maps location:

• Brooklyn Bridge

One of the renowned bridges in the United States that hold a great historical background is the Brooklyn Bridge. This city’s tourist attraction connects the districts of Brooklyn and Manhattan across the East River. It remains as New York’s most well known landmark that has been ranked as one of the fascinating engineering exploits of the 19th century. Brooklyn Bridge has a very noticeable feature such as its two masonry towers attached with many cables. The masonry towers make the bridge a spectacular view with its Gothic designed arches. The bridge holds a historical background as it became an official national monument during 1964. Google maps location:

• The Statue of Liberty

One of the famous landmarks of the cultural capital of the world is the Statue of Liberty. This was a gift of the French people to the United States to honor their friendship. The Statue of Liberty’s official name is Liberty Enlightening the World. This is created with a structural framework and symbolizes America’s freedom. It also serves as a welcoming figure to immigrants of the USA who want to start a better life here. Google maps location:

• Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is located in the midtown of Manhattan. The place is very famous for its ice skating rink and huge Christmas tree. It also boasts the Radio City Music hall and the Top of the Rock Observation Deck, which you really should visit! Thus, Rockefeller Center also offers visitors several dining and shopping destinations. This is a great place most especially during the holiday season. Google maps location:

• Grand Central Terminal

See one of the world’s biggest terminals. This is not just a perfect hub for transportation as there are numerous shops, dining restaurants and an awesome market that can be found in the place. There are hundreds of thousands commuters that pass through the Grand Central Terminal every day, making it one of the busiest train stations in NY. Google maps location:

• Flatiron Building

One of the famous historic landmarks of New York is Flatiron Building, which is known as an iconic 21 story building. It is best known for its triangular shape, making it the first and groundbreaking skyscraper of New York City. There are many buildings erected in the different parts of the world that imitate the look of Flatiron building, but this tourist spot in New York catches the attention of many due to its spectacular architectural design. Its interior is made of strangely shaped offices that are coveted due to their amazing features. Google maps location:

• Roosevelt Island Tramway

Enjoy New York’s aerial tramway which can take you from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan. Roosevelt Island Tramway offers a nice view of New York City to visitors at a cheap subway fare. Visitors can have great photos of New York City by riding in this cable car. Google maps location:

• High Line

Located in Manhattan’s West Side, New York City’s High Line is a public historic park designed for all visitors to enjoy. It is a good idea to visit this tourist spot in New York in April, as the park’s landscape is made up of fresh green shoots as well as early spring bulbs that are popping out on their planting beds. Google maps location:

• Coney Island

Have an ideal summer at New York’s Coney Island. The place is spectacular with its sandy beaches, rolling waves and sunny skies. Coney Island is also a great tourist escapade for visitors who want to break away with the steamy and hectic city of New York. The place offers visitors recreational activities that they will surely enjoy during their stay. Google maps location:

• Empire State Building / New York SKYRIDE

Enjoy the national historic landmark of NY by going to the Empire State Building. This tourist destination soars above Manhattan, known once as the tallest building that offers a magnificent panorama of the city. Located in the second floor of the building is the city’s only virtual aerial stimulator, the NY SKYRIDE. This is another nice attraction as it can take you on an aerial tour in NYC. Google maps location:

• American Museum of Natural History

When it comes to discovering the historical artifacts and memorabilia of the United States and the whole world, American Museum of Natural History can be your best destination. The museum has grown and evolved over the years and holds temporary exhibits. This offers excitement to visitors as the museum always have something new to offer and is a very popular destination for kids. Google maps location:

• Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you are looking for contemporary art, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the best choices. The museum showcases a great collection of architectural designs, paintings, sculpture and films. It houses hundreds of great masterpieces ranging from ancient to modern. You can spend many hours in this fascinating museum. Google maps location:

• Museum of Modern Art (MoMa)

If you love any kind of modern art you should not miss it! Google maps location:

• Staten Island Ferry

Enjoy a free ferry ride from Manhattan to Staten Island with Staten Island Ferry. It is one of the greatest places where you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Statue of Liberty and NY’s harbor. Google maps location:

• Ellis Island

The Ellis Island Immigration Museum features walking tours, interactive exhibits and movies that showcase the immigrants’ experience in NY. This is a great site for original immigration buildings. Google maps location:

• Rose Center for Earth and Space

For those who want to have a glimpse of the galaxy, Rose Center for Earth and Space is a great place to visit. You can learn here about the universe, space, galaxies, planets, stars and other concepts of astronomy. It’s located right behind the American Museum of Natural History. Google maps location:

• Guggenheim Museum

Another iconic museum in New York. The shape of this museum is extraordinary and the various exhibitions are always worth a visit. Google maps location: / web:


If you want to explore the beauty of the world, go to New York!


This list is only a short excerpt of the many attractions in New York City. So this list has to be continued pretty soon… 😉

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  • I'm glad that Times Square is #1 on this list because it is truly a sight to see at both day and night. At night, as you can imagine it transforms into this living being almost. There are a lot of places to see near Times Square but I'm sure you'll agree that if you're travelling with kids it's hard to keep them excited and controlled (for lack of a better word). One of the kid friendly places around Times Square is Discovery's Exhibition Center that always has fresh exhibits. I'd put it on my list of top attractions in New York city.

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