Just in time for Mothers Day, we went around New York City asking real people on the street to say thank you to their mothers. So many terrific responses, some unexpected, some adorable, all brought a huge smile to my face. Thanks Reggie Watts for being in the video.

I would be so grateful for all of you to share this video on Facebook and tag your mom or one you know in the post. My goal is to make many moms happy!

This piece was commissioned by thanksfa.com.

Directed, Shot, Edited, and Music by: Michael Marantz | michaelmarantz.com
Produced by: Barry Pousman | barry.pousman.com
Consulting Editor: Frank Frumento | linkedin.com/pub/frank-frumento/47/323/59a
Consulting Creative: Garrett Jones | hellogarrett.com
Consulting Creative: Matt Dimmer | justcallmedimmer.com
Production Help: Sahil Farooqi | iamsahil.tumblr.com

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