“Mapping” is the first installment of a series of shorts entitled “ODD NY”. The story follows ODD executive creative director Gary Breslin as he guides us through the surreal and dream-like visions of the city he lives in.

“Mapping” shows us the familiar and iconic map of lower Manhattan as it expands, splits, re-groups and forms an entirely new topography. It’s the downtown that Breslin knows, where his stomping grounds all fit together seamlessly while other less inviting hoods like Times Sq and Wall St are pushed to the margins.

To view the “Behind The Scenes”: vimeo.com/oddny/mappingbts


Production Company: Supply & Demand Integrated
Executive Producer: Tim Case/ Charles Salice
Post Production: ODD
Director: Gary Breslin
Lead Animation: Willie Russell
HOP for S&D: Alexis Kaplan
HOP for ODD: Matthew Turke
Post Production Coordinator for ODD: Kate Behan
DP: Saul Metnick
Music: Kevin Ferguson @ Boiler Room
Mix: Justin Mately @ Sound Lounge

  • Coney Island Dream
  • New York Aerial Footage
  • Street Style in New York City
  • Spreading LOVE – NYC
  • Rockaway Needs Us
  • Rumble and Sway
  • D. In New York
  • Johnny T’s NYC Tourist Tips
  • Nie wieder New York – Video zum Buch
  • New York in 1993 in HD – DTheater
  • New York City In 4K

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