the NYC Marathon is pretty much my favorite race ever. This wasn’t my fastest but probly my most fun 26.2, was a little windy but not much to complain about. Here’re my full results (incase anyone cares)

The YouTube Music Awards were pretty incredible. It’s so rad that they did it. The way people voted, the way the awards were hosted. All of it was just way outside the box. It was total chaos, not sure if watching on YouTube conveyed how nuts it was, but to be there was some experience.

  • NYC Marathon vs YouTube Music Awards
  • This Is My Home
  • STORYBOARD: Capturing the ‘Humans of New York’
  • Everybody Street (TRAILER)
  • Jessica Walsh – Like Knows Like
  • VSCO Film / VSCO Cam x Chris Ozer
  • Opening Comodo
  • Desillusion x Nixon present “THIS IS TROUBLE”
  • Pokémon Go IN REAL LIFE
  • Snowboarding New York City

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