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done with my few footages from my short trip to NYC last month….

shot with 5D Mk3@720p

music done by myself.
use big speakers or headphones 😉
purpose of the trip :;autoplay=1
album of the trip:

  • A Year in New York
  • NY, NY
  • NYC – Mindrelic Timelapse
  • VANS x TheDiggest – NYC Trip
  • Somewhere in NYC december 2011
  • New York HD – “Afterglow” Winter – Time lapse, Canon 5D2, Glidecam
  • Metropolis – A New York City Timelapse
  • NYC2.0
  • Nie wieder New York – Video zum Buch
  • New York in 1993 in HD – DTheater
  • New York City In 4K

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