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High Times – Elliott Smith.

For more pleasure, if you don’t have good speakers, use Headphones!

This is an Independent short film.
I was working on my next video “I need one dollar”, and during the tests of editing I listened lots of music and I don’t know why but I decided to use the one of Elliott smith (“High Times”).
So, I take a look on Internet to watch a clip of this track and I didn’t find there. So I wanted to give him a small “tribute” by making this “video fan”.

Steven Paul “Elliott” Smith (August 6, 1969 – October 21, 2003) was an American singer-songwriter and musician. His primary instrument was the guitar, but he was also proficient at piano, clarinet, bass guitar, drums, and harmonica. Smith had a distinctive vocal style characterized by his whispery, spiderweb-thin delivery and use of multi-tracking to create vocal layers, textures, and harmonies.

Shot on 7D in NYC.

Hope you like it!

Many thanks to Christophe Durand.

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