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Here it is- the “supercut” of all 55 Happy In NYC videos that were shot during the month of February. A deep and heartfelt thank you to all the people who donated their time, energy and creativity to bring this project to life and to those who make New York City a happier place.

For more videos, go to or follow us on twitter @happyinnyc. Would you like to get involved, be in one of the videos, or perhaps you have access to an unusual or interesting location where we can film? If so, feel free to email me at



  • Pearl and the Beard – Will Smith Medley
  • Joey Ramone – New York City
  • Empire State of Mind | Life + Times
  • D-WHY – “New York Times” (Official Short Film / Music Video)
  • New Music Cities | New York
  • HAPPY IN NEW YORK CITY (The February SuperCut)
  • Boombox Series // Jessie J
  • Crocodiles – Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)
  • Nie wieder New York – Video zum Buch
  • The Magical Porta Potty

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