One of the most striking things about New York City is the fall colors and there’s no better place to view this then Central Park. I chose 15 locations in the park and revisited them 2 days a week for six months, recording all camera positions and lens information to create consistency in the images. All shots were taken just after sunrise.

by Jamie Scott

I get Nervous 
by Lower Dens

Central Park- August 2011-January 2012

  • New York
  • Projection on the Bridge – Immersive Surfaces – As Above, So Below
  • The Manhattan Project HD1080P
  • New York City Timelapse
  • New York I love (timelapse)
  • Bubbles in New York City (Sony NEX FS700)
  • New York Biotopes
  • PIXELS by Patrick Jean
  • HAPPY IN NEW YORK CITY (The February SuperCut)
  • Humans of New York
  • Snowboarding New York City
  • Last Photo - New York

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