Directed, and Produced by: Perpetual Pictures (Calvin Scibilia, Matt Weslosky)

Editing & Effects by: Calvin Scibilia

Sound Design by: Matt Weslosky

Cinematography by: Perpetual Pictures, Andrew Hutcheson, Shane Seibel, & David Brickel

Aerial photography by: SkyVue AP (Greg Gomez) & Calvin Scibilia

PA’s: Josh Spooner & Jake spooner

BBoy’s: Febreaks, Rokit, Seize, Eko, Born, ATS, Frebrizzle, & STA (SIVA)

  • STORYBOARD: Capturing the ‘Humans of New York’
  • Cool Hunting Rough Cut: The Ice Ball
  • man in a cube
  • Jessica Walsh – Like Knows Like
  • Desillusion x Nixon present “THIS IS TROUBLE”
  • Everybody Street (TRAILER)
  • Snowboarding New York City
  • I Hate Perfume
  • Nie wieder New York – Video zum Buch
  • New York in 1993 in HD – DTheater
  • New York City In 4K

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