Word from Yuena: We hope everyone enjoyed the video. It’s kind of funny that these are the people we run into on the train so I hope you guys aren’t any one of them. Thank you to my cast of 20+ people for coming out in the middle of the night to shoot this. It was a lot of fun. We also ironically got disrupted by a person who really did have a showtime.

MTA old lady performs “Only You”

►Written, Directed & Edited:
Yuena Li
Instagram: SimplyYue
Assistant Director: Izzy Man
Lorraine Chan
Izzy Man
Tohid Rasel

– Music –
Drake – Hold On We’re Going Home Cover
0:08 One Direction – One Thing Instrumental Cover
1:09 Justin Joo Music Featuring Izzy Man

2:30 Careless Whisper

Special Guests:
► Mr. Steal your seat: Zhen Lin ◄
Instagram: zenwenlin
Youtube: zenwenlin
► The sleeping Beauty: Anita Ng ◄
Tumblr: bibleeophile
► Eating with no shame: Joanne Zh ◄
► All Tourist: Martin Wong | Jen Dong ◄
Instagram: martinw888
Instagram: iiishjenx3
► The Makeup artist: Janie Lee ◄
Instagram: Koreanlovesbeauty
Youtube: Koreanlovesbeauty
► The Pole Hogger: Kelly Liu ◄
Instagram: datkidkell
► The Door Holder: James Kim ◄
Instagram: Jimmikam
► PDA Couple: Izzy Man | Tiffany Charbonier ◄
Instagram: izzymusic
Instagram: tcharbonier
Youtube: dynastylestyle
► Obnoxiously Loud People: Ashley Chang ◄
Instagram: romachic
► People who have their music way too loud: Lorraine Chan ◄
Instagram: lorrycraves
► People who run for the train: Jordan Ng ◄
Instagram: gqrager
► People who won’t let you off the train: Jen Yuan ◄
► People who won’t let you on the train: Fanny Ruan ◄
Instagram: whattafanny
► People who won’t let you off the train: Peter Lau ◄
► The Creeper: Tohid Rasel ◄
Instagram: Raselvideos
Youtube: Raselvideos
► People who take up two seats: Mike Cheung ◄
Instagram: its_Chino_mike
► People with backpacks Rob Chan ◄
►Show time people: Daniel Lopez ◄
Instagram: iamdothype
and then there was me!

Lets be friends ^_____^
Instagram: http://instagram.com/SimplyYue
Facebook: http://facebook.com/SimplyYue
Vlog: http://youtube.com/yobo

Thank you guys for watching!

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