More and more people are getting their DNA tested now. You just send your saliva to companies like, or A few weeks later you get your DNA test results and you will be able to find relatives from all over the world on those websites. I did […]

I went to an Apple Service Center appointment today and did ask for the $29 battery replacement. My iPhone 7 runs barely half a day and so I’m always carrying additional external batteries with me. Surprisingly the only thing I do is posting 1-2 Instagram photos a day – and […]

Our kids had to find out something about Michael C. Harvey for school – an alleged African-American inventor. His name appears on many lists about African-American inventors in the USA… Here is what you will find on Wikipedia: Michael C. Harvey (also known as M. C. Harney or M. C. […]

While the summer is the peak of the tourism season in the big apple, there are still a lot of fun and interesting things that can be enjoyed in the winter months. The city that never sleeps is just as much an insomniac in the winter and there are certain […]

If you live in NYC your kids can attend several free tennis lessons during the whole year.. Registration is easy: · Select the location nearest to you · Register IN-PERSON with your child at the location nearest to you – no telephone registration. Go to the site during […]